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The GCP: The First Resurrection

The GCP: The First Resurrection

SKU: 364215376135191

Parallel universes are at play in a not-so-distant-future in THE GCP: THE FIRST RESURRECTION. Planet Earth is being attacked by a set of gods, led by the mighty goddess Vera. A pitched battle for the future of the Universe commences and three teenagers are instrumental in defending humanity from gods hell-bent on destroying them. Angela Lopez, a 17-year-old, fights depression along with alien forces and discovers her superpowers. Cade Walker, a 16-year-old has conflicting alliances as he commits to protecting Alice, his pregnant lover. Cade’s half-brother Colvin Walker, 18-years-old, is a cold-blooded captain who is a leader in the war for Heaven. Sparks fly as the clash between competing universes begins. The stakes for world survival are high in this richly layered story set in an imaginary world of adventure, mystery, and excitement.


    This is the new edition and the first in the GCP Series


    If damage is made upon arrival there is a refund made to you.


    Please allow 3 days for the book to be made and 5 days for shipping.

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