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New Watchers: The Dead Sea Scroll

New Watchers: The Dead Sea Scroll

As soon as thirteen-year-old Selena Black is crowned Queen of the Marine Kingdom and becomes a New Watcher, the evil La Siren launches a brutal assault on all Five Kingdoms.

Selena and her friends from other kingdoms must save the world from the impending catastrophe. Determined to avenge her father and save her people, she devises a risky plan. Selena knows all too well how powerful La Siren can be.

But even being armed with the powers from all Five

Kingdoms might not be enough to steal the elusive Dead Sea Scroll.

Are Selena and other New Watchers really the best people to save the world? Can they overcome their differences and handle the weight of the world on their shoulders?

This middle-grade fantasy is a captivating tale of courage, friendship, and self-discovery. "New Watchers: The Dead Sea Scrolls" is a must-read for young readers who love magical adventures and epic quests!

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